When you want to escape~ INFLUENCE

March 25, 2017

"what do you dream of...then where do you go from there?"


[Originally published Sept 14, 2015, but updated by request for #FilmmakerFriday and since we're in talks again. Could "Influence",  my first #indiefilm have a re-release or sequel? We shall see...]









When I started my quest as a writer I wrote a screenplay in Minneapolis, Coen Brothers country. We produced it with the help of my radio, TV and musician friends. It ended up being my swan song the first time I moved away from my hometown. I played Tabitha. When writing the role, I never considered playing the part. Tabitha was my polar opposite as an introvert, diving in head first to Uptown Minneapolis' Gothic/"Darksider" scene. She was an unhappy creature of the night and I was a brunette for the first time. She was looking for a way out and I was exploring my way in.


I moved to Marina del Rey, CA and continued my loved affair with the City of Angels for 3 years. These were my starving artist years as I biked to teach swimming classes and worked out 3 hours a day to get as close as possible to my starlet body. "Influence" played at a French film festival, and negotiated with HBO for a sequel. I believed it was our springboard to The American Dream.  


I was able to tour with some outstanding bands and learn about indie film.
We had been fueled by dreams of Sundance and music directors getting feature film deals; I feasted on ambition and fasted with oatmeal.

As many indie stories unfold, we never made any money on this.

But this adventure was my intro to Marina del Rey, a corner stone of my main character's back story.


Today enough has come apart and together again that I'm drawn back to storytelling, travel and indie film. This time I have a storied marketing background in tow as I head again in the direction of my dream. 


I write about my indie film career and the production of "Influence" as I was moving from Minneapolis to #LA. Read about this compelling journey from starving artist to branding expert and mentorship in Secrets to Shine Through the Noise


Voila, "Influence". A coming-of-age story. And my MPLS swan song:



(Written by Akasha Garnier and Sherece Lamke, directed by Sherece Lamke, produced by and starring Akasha Garnier. We were in talks with HBO earlier when I had few negotiation skills. Now after Light bulb moments, lessons in #ShineThroughtheNoise and renewed interest, we could see both as films or series.)


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