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“This is the REAL DEAL. No one will believe what actually happened - but it makes for a great story and journey!”  J. Silva, champion pro surfer and paddle boarder; A-list tour guide


“One of the smartest, most creative people I have ever met. Akasha's got a great sense for storytelling, business, and bringing out the best in people. Incredible!!! (Exclaimed with a Sicilian accent)” Dario Vullo, Owner, award-winning Nando Milano Trattoria in Chicago and Champaign.



"There is no one I have met that is as innovative, and has a knack for creating the best product and productions as Akasha does. Her keen sense of organization, dedication, creativity, and professional demeanor all help her clients shine!! I look forward to working with Akasha on more productions!” ~ Anthony Navarro, Best-selling author, Award-winning Planner and Producer,Liven it Up 




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