Strength of 10 Akashas + 2: RTT insights

December 18, 2019


[Cannes, France harbor image: Akasha Garnier]


"The more reflective we are, the more effective we can be." ~Akasha Garnier #ShineThroughtheNoise


I've written about mindfulness in a myriad of ways over the last 3 years. So I was open to trying a technique that's new to me to clean my mental clutter and start the new year fresh!

I’ll share more details on my experience with rapid transformational therapy (RTT) with Shweta Shyamani, Chief Inpowerment Officer, Personal Point of Power Holistic Therapies.


RTT involves hypnosis which allows access to deeply held memories in your subconscious mind that have contributed to the formation of limiting beliefs that keep you from what you want.

Hypnosis is not magic, it’s science! It works by creating a burst of brain waves that are the same as when you’re in the REM state of sleep. That’s what allows you to access the subconscious mind.

The experience feels different for different people. Some people feel a floating sensation, some do not. Others may feel sleepy, some do not. Most people feel relaxed and at ease. What’s most important is to know that how you feel isn’t an indicator of how effective it is. Regardless of what it feels like–it’s working, I promise.

I am already seeing and feeling the three types of change from RTT

Immediate: you feel a massive shift right away–immediate changes in your physiology, thoughts and behaviors right in the session.
Incremental: you see consistent shifts every day, or over time.
Retroactive: you don’t see the shifts right away and then one day you suddenly look back and see all of the things that are different in your life, or someone else notices a positive change in you. *


Thank you, Shweta! Check out Shweta's earlier work: Acknowledge the energy of stress

Growing a business is hard, and I think we can agree that most entrepreneurs experience stress. In this interview, Bioenergetics Therapist Shweta Shyamani discussed the energy of stress, and shared some simple techniques you can use to feel less stressed immediately. She talked about how stress can show up as physical symptoms in the body, and why self-care is so important.
Working with corporate and entrepreneur clients, Shweta wants professionals to know that well-being is much more in their own power than they think. Lean in and learn...



And back to our scheduled topic... I filled out a detailed questionnaire about goals and motivation before my session. As far as the RTT session, I felt a lightness, but I would not quite describe it as floating (but I'm a swimmer, so maybe I'm being too technical about flotation.) I felt a light sense of hypnosis, not like I was someone else or losing control. Shweta asked me to access memories that came to mind (around the issue I was targeting).

It's been 30 inspiring and invigorating days. I received a customized, personal recording to listen to and imprint new, positive beliefs and thought patterns to replace the limiting beliefs that were released in the RTT session. Listening for 30 days "wires in" the new beliefs so they become a habit. I have been listening to the recordings 2 times a day whenever possible with day of once daily. I've been listening in the morning as part of my positive day starter; I also tried listening to the second session at different times. It's not as easy for me to listen right before I go to bed and then fall asleep, so I plan accordingly.


I'll recap notable moments and observations since we started. 

> I came back a bit early from LA to take a brunch meeting with a PR contact/friend who works on the FedEx, United Airlines and Boeing accounts; I'm open to brand sponsorship with/from these brands when the time is right. She's an authentic and enthusiastic #ShineThroughtheNoise fan who understands my brands and the image library I've created for Davanti. She's a photographer I'd use for my Shine Through the Noise seminar as well. All in all, several points of light activated here and I'm putting energy and effort here now and as an investment for the future. (Update: I also met some members of the United Airlines branding team at a holiday soiree this week. I'll followup with them to discuss alignment and options for Davanti sponsor involvement.)


> I lined up 3 potential client interviews as I was still working on a branding project before attending my Teen Cancer America benefit concert (TCA). I was able to cancel those interviews when I 

received an offer after 1 video interview (all remote). I believe this branding/writing project will help me for a healthier financial foundation, for medical options to be more proactive with my health, as well as an elegant non-attachment to sponsorship instead of over yearning for it/them. This means I will get holiday pay this year, and be up to speed for remote work before Thanksgiving. It's double the pay I made in Minneapolis and $23K+ from my last project. (Update: I just had my 30-day review. My branding and writing work has been rated "phenomenal", so I'm on track for a raise and my first vacation days in LA!)


> I've been sleeping and dreaming well (7-8 hours with an occasional nap as needed); I feel I've been dreaming more vividly since RTT. 


> I have been motivated to cross-train/add to my workouts with interval training, some light weights a few times a week and Zumba a couple days. I still like the Barre Oxycise workouts and alternate other aerobic workouts 1-4 times a day as possible.  My mind enjoys the Zumba and newer workouts.


> I have been invited to sail with some band members who played the TCA backyard concert. Read on for context and I'll share more news as this develops. ;)


>I have been helping TCA with their Giving Tuesday projects; our photo also made the TCA page from the Backyard party, so I'll share it here! That's my friend Howard on the left, Chicago friends Laura and Ellen, who flew to LA as I did for the TCA event.

[Image: Teen Cancer America]


 > I heard back from my French Riviera friend who offered to donate 2 nights at her fabulous Le Mas Candille Hotel above Cannes to our next Teen Cancer America Backyard Concert silent auction. (I'll keep you posted as I line up an airline and transportation partner to enhance the VIP experience!) I'm booking 1-3 trips to the French Riviera for business and pleasure too.

Get excited by reading more about them...


 [Image from town car on the way from Cannes to Nice and Monaco: Davanti thriller scene by Akasha Garnier]


> I removed 5 bags of old life things to donate or throw away/replace as needed. I also removed old things/feelings/outdated memories by giving away things I had felt I'd outfrown. I am prepping to move to a better work/play space after Thanksgiving/onboarding (and warm weather trips in the works). I believe I will find the right place at the right time.


> I have decided that my Davanti thriller series will be best with a big, bright launch through a combination of my new funding and a sponsor that resonates with the thriller themes and messages with a community donation. Yes, that's 2020. It fits so much better with the awareness of whistleblowers and corporate greed that set up my first book in the Davanti series; as I said in my speaker presentation in Dublin, Ireland: "I was an indie film maker and a whistleblower for the biggest American financial scandal, all over the news!" This will give me time to release it in the best way possible with a healthy springboard. I worked hard and smart on Shine Through the Noise books and branding, and that doesn't go away. I have even been approached about a possible series; I had discussions with HBO about my indie film INFLUENCE; now catalog and business has grown. "The Firm" and "Sharp Objects" were expanded in to cinematic series so I'm open to it! My Shine Through the Noise work has paid off with this new project that will give me space to plan my own things better. Ahhhh...I. Feel. BETTER!! (That's a Shine Through the Noise  Hawaii reference, but work for my RTT insights, methinks.) I presented my new timeline and rationale to a group of friends and readers at the Chicago Waldorf Hotel this week; they were intrigued and supportive after hearing more about my whistleblower experience and how it shaped the corporate thriller side of Davanti! (Think "The Firm" set in a "Devil Wears Prada" world!) 


> I've made it to Platinum level status with American Airlines; I was upgraded to First class for the first time both ways for Thanksgiving week, so nice start to my new chapter.


> I am feeling what I would describe as "heart growth"! I received calls/emails from 2 interesting guys from my past. I am interested in going out with both of them. It feels good with moments of greatness! I will still reactivate my matchmaker later. Right now I'm in the Emma Watson camp of loving my life and finding the right healthy man who can travel with me and help each other shine soon. (I don't think my heart was 3 sizes too small like Grinch's, but I have a Gothic side and some darkness around my past relationships. Now I see/feel that I have many more options and will find my right man.) And I feel like this more often...


I truly feel and  believe that I am enough. Now, not only in some future state. 

And I believe that I will continue to improve since I've cleared more of my past limitations to make way for current and future wins. Here's to feeling the pivot and strength of 10 Grinches, plus 2!

(Well in Whoville they say...I love Christmas, Boris Karloff and The Grinch every year. I feel like it was one of the first transformations I was exposed to for growth, realization and action. Right?


Get your promo offer...


Discover the paradigm shift and book your session with Shweta here!

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Wishing everyone a bright holiday!


Akasha Lin 




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