Paradise on the Horizon: Sun Sets on Sailing in Chi-town

October 18, 2013

“Dining with one’s friends is certainly one of life’s primal and most innocent delights, one that is both soul-satisfying and eternal.” ~Julia Child


I’ve had a great chance to soak in the late summer brews and views with beer god Captain Jim on Pianissimo ~ “the sexiest sailboat on Lake Michigan”! [Highlights from #travel article posted for TraveLin on the Bridescoop. Thanks CAZ - I'm grateful for our friendship, and travels + your invitation to write on Bridescoop - it helped launch my as a travel writer!]


Beer God Captain Jim with IPA

We applauded Oktoberfest brews paired with a late summer flavors. Our top rank came in as Bell’s Octoberfest; it’s ideal for a week-long German wedding celebration or the advent of Illinois autumn. Bell’s Octoberfest spends six weeks maturing in the fermentation vessels. There it trades the assertive hop presence for a focus on a light caramel malt note, lending body without too much sweetness. Beer gods also gave enthusiastic thumbs up to Dogfish IPA.

With throwing festive soirees it’s easy to make friends. We especially enjoy sharing catering secrets. Our special guest Ellen from “Pino Pink Pearls” connected us with a perfect menu to pair and share! We closed the sexiest sailboat’s season with her friend, A Table For Two‘s Chef Monica of Food Network’s “Chopped”.


Cashew Chicken Spring Rolls

Let the mouth-watering begin. These three items certainly stood out!
- French Onion Crostini: A take on the classic French Onion soup in a bite size crostini. Vidalia onions slow cooked for hours to bring out all the flavors, glazed in roasted beef demi-glace and layered atop a flaky pastry crust. Finished with Gruyere cheese and baked until golden brown.

- Lamb Loin on Wild Rice Blini: Seasoned with herbs, seared and finished in the oven to medium rare, lamb loin is thinly sliced and presented on a blini of wild rice. Garnished with fresh thyme.

- Cashew Chicken Roll: Boneless breast of chicken, toasted cashews, spring onions, and mushrooms with fresh ginger and water chestnuts, wrapped in rice paper with steamed rice. Presented with a soy dipping sauce.

All was keenly complemented with Veuve Clicquot! We proudly flew the #VeuveCliquot flag and had Kate, our hostess on board to make sure out champagne was served at the perfect temperature. 


The buzz from the boat was that the “Chocolate Truffle Torte” was a little taste of heaven. I missed that selection while out on the bow flirting with my Hot Date. Thanks again to our special guests for celebrating on Pino!

We'll definitely seek out new occasions to sail under the regal Veuve Clicquot flag.



Coming next… The Great Pino Caribbean Trek . Why yes… I have been invited!!!

[This trip makes an appearance in the travel thriller series in progress. Pino is no more. We have stayed in touch with our friend Captain Jim, now sailing Freedom, a luxury Catalina 375.}


And I hope my travel writing have improved since this article too. ;)


Check out Ms. Gourmet Rambler and her latest adventures!


Huzzah & fair winds!
“Princess of Luxury Travel, Purveyor of Hidden Gems”

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