Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here...

June 7, 2017


(My MN besties supporting me thru all of the Years at THE AVE, as well as on set during "Influence", my first film. Also, Akasha as darksider. My hair stayed dark for 4 years after that!) 


[Originally published August 15, 2015 from my day job.

Re-posted today upon hearing this shocking shocking news of Prince's passing...and again by request for #PrinceDay.]


#RIPPRINCE Prince's music, films and performances reached me as a teenager and certainly changed my life.  






Recently First Avenue was in the news for a ceiling collapse and the dreaded “not sure how many people are injured” status.  I do my best to promote bright spots, so I’m happy to say that everyone is OK and back in business. (Shout out to upcoming First Ave and Radio K shows. Cheers & huzzah!)


We all have our origin stories. My started with “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called LIFE…” I’m originally from St. Paul, MN – twin brother of Minneapolis.

My mom took me to see “Purple Rain” when I was bright-eyed, bushy-tailed and underage – one of her best decisions. “Purple Rain” smelled like my kind of teen spirit from the opening note to the timeless soundtrack. Oh yes, my life changed after finding out that all that music and excitement happened over the river and through the woods in downtown Minneapolis (but not on the way to Grandmother’s house because she called it “Sin City”).  I went to First Avenue Danceteria all-age nights with my school friends, wearing black with many members of my Honors’ English class. I even ended up asking a fellow writer and Danceteria regular to be a co-host when I got my first specialty radio show.


Electric word, Life.

I was a freshman at “The U” when I asked First Avenue if they would sponsor my radio dance show with concert tickets, a guest list giveaway and permission to use their logo. They said yes! We held a dance party for the rest of my college days and kicked off several road trips to Chicago for house music and street cred. My friends and I came of age at The Ave, and I’ve written at least 2 screenplays about the club scene we grew up in.

Cause in this life. Things are much harder than in the after world.

In this life, you’re on your own.


We did an ambitious campaign to raise fund to produce “Influence” as a very indie short film with 26 songs in 36 minutes. I co-wrote it and made oh, a thousand calls to get music rights and relevant locations. I ended up playing the lead role and transformed myself into the Goth club chick “Tabitha” (AKA a “Darksider” as we called them in MPLS). As the consummate method actress, I dyed my blonde hair jet black for the role. "Influence" was my MPLS swan song, but I’ve stayed in touch with many of those friends from my days at The Ave. Even though that was not my springboard to stardom, yes I’m a film maker. And music and movies continue to shape my life and inspire me. I moved to LA after we wrapped production with zero business background and a boatload of determination.


And if the elevator tries to bring you down - go crazy, punch a higher floor.

If you don’t like the world you’re livin’ in. take a look around you.

At least you got friends.


Now I’ve been working much more on being business and showbiz savvy, without taking too many detours to Sin City (in MPLS, LA or any other colors). I get asked every week why I don’t just write smut and sell it to the likes of various shades of grey. It doesn’t feel right to me.

Since I retired as an event planner and Champagne Pirate, I have taking freelance writing projects with health care clients and clinical trials. Last month they announced progress in finding a cure for Alzheimer’s, and yes it feels crazy good to be a part of that. I still write. Just about every day. I just have more funds to be able to work with benefits and causes that inspire me as I put together my business plan for the travel thriller series in book and film form. It is in the works. I am getting offers and will know when I find the right one. Thank you for joining me on my journey. More bright spots tomorrow to kick off a #FridayFeeling.


Are we gonna let the elevator bring us down?

Oh no let’s go… Let’s Go Crazy.

~Prince, Glyph, His Royal Badness




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