From Rainforest to Red Carpet (& Back)

June 6, 2016


“True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”
~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Three years ago today I got together with some beautiful friends and people to celebrate.




Over the last three years, I have lived in the remote rain forest, I’ve gotten muddy and drenched, and disillusioned. I’ve followed my bliss and have changed careers.  I was an award-winning event planner in Chicago. I have always been a writer. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to travel to several lush and luscious islands. Some travels included postcard pretty sails…and picturesque vistas and plenty of wondering what would happen next. I slipped into the real deal: swimming with sharks in a feeding frenzy, working with traitors, wishing for promotions and watching the conditions. I ended up weathering my first tsunami – on one of my nights alone on the Big Island. Yes, sometimes it takes a village…


Waipio Valley on Hawaii's Big IslandThat's where my "Shine through the Noise" journey and story picked up again. Photo: Akasha] [View from my ohana in the rain forest, overlooking   .


Living on Hawaii’s Big Island brought out the “AdrenaLin” in me.  I lived through many thrilling adventures, over 8 months and came back to Chicago, when my office partners were betting against my return. Now, I’m working on shaping a lucrative business.


I have covered the Oscars. I've been to some fantastic shows in multiple cities with my U2 and Pearl Jam friends. I’ve walked a few red carpets with beautiful men and we've celebrated some success together. Several people may ask me where I’m headed. Then I said, “We’ll find out…”

This, my friends, is the foundation.  I’ve been disappointed and inspired along the way.


I have been reminded that I have a slim chance of succeeding in the book and film industry.  I’ll do my best to entertain some readers and to be ready to capture the interest of some agents, publishers and producers. I knew then that I could self-publish. Now I understand that I needed to map out a better course to make it happen. I felt that joining and growing a tribe of like-minded creative people would keep our inspiration up and help all our causes. Now I got it together. Thank you for following my journey!



The time has come: I have a friendly launch of Secrets to Shine through the Noise at the end of this month with a healthy promo partner launch and campaign this August.


I still want a national publisher and believe I have 3-6 books in the travel thriller series. Now I know that it always pays to negotiate and I will get have speaking and best-selling author engagements to replace many of my freelance writing gigs. I’ll take it all in stride, stretch...and keep you posted with another announcement soon! I have weathered several storms and have updated my course as needed (both a sailing metaphor and actual branding course in the works). Yes, I can dust myself off and keep it real.


Fortunately, I have made true friends and met a muse and catalyst or two.  I have already written 1800 pages. I am still spinning a travel “thrillogy”…inspired by true events: It’s a tale of elite events, A-list clients, and captains sailing from sea to shining sea: Voyages from Monaco to Mauna Kea. Intriguing adventures from unfolding in Cote d'Azur, the Italian Riviera and their cuisines. Hidden Hawaii. Paris in Springtime. All I can say is, the view is outstanding from here. :)  


The reviews from my thriller writing are good with moments of greatness. Now, I’ve been asked to add the sizzle. Well, well! These are thrillers after all, n’est-ce pas? I signed off from Facebook for two years to help me focus, connect the dots and get past the guard dogs. I don't miss it. Twitter and Instagram have been great fun, more creative and so supportive!


After those 2 winters of discontent, I’ve warmed up to the idea that I can do this!! I'm thrilled to have fantastic tweeps and friends from Maui, LA, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, the French and Italian Rivieras, UK and South Africa that are following and sharing my writing journey. Let’s see where that leads next, shall we…


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An extra toast to official #PrinceDay today, his birthday. "Purple Rain" and First Avenue helped shape my early PR and film career and for that I am forever grateful! 


Welcome & Aloha to our new promo partners.


Thank you for following my journey!


Cheers & huzzah,



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Grateful for that day I had Dario Vullo and Chef Alessio Vullo both escort me to my yacht club soiree celebrating progress. [Photo by Ellen Susie.] I changed my mind on launching at that time. Now the time is right. Their Nando Milano restaurants have grown and the food and experience is amazing! More special menus items and announcements coming soon...]

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