Poised to SHINE through the Noise

July 13, 2016


Well, it has been a barrage of excitement since my travel adventure with a sailing client turned friend and I were in LA in May and June. We had a delightful time checking off some of her bucket list items like Disneyland and Universal Studios as well as sailing the Pacific and reconnecting with actor friends.

 [Chewie suggested we strike this pose together. I was raised on "Star Wars",  so count me in.]


The highlight was being invited to help spread awareness and meet more key players devoted to transforming the lives of teenagers and young adults with cancer through Teen Cancer America


We were honored to be invited to "Who Cares About the Next Generation" and nestled in a gorgeous backyard to mingle, talk and unwind with some of our favorites. The Who, Eddie Vedder, Joan Jett, Cindy Crawford, comedians David Spade, Adam Sandler, Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann, and many many more gathered in Los Angeles this week to support Teen Cancer America and the UCLA Autism Treatment Program. The event “Who Cares About The Next Generation,” featured food, drink, and a live and silent auction set in a casual, fun concert setting at a private home in the Pacific Palisades. Read on for what The Daily Mail had to say!


I am poised to share details about my upcoming book launch and gave my first interview to Justin, CEO of Motivational Press, who invited me to write this book. He's been an outstanding source of inspiration and accountability to help me shine through my own noise and make the book happen (screenplay in the works as well).


Get to know more about the book below before the book launch: 

  1. Title of book: Secrets to Shine through the Noise

  2. Tagline/Promise: Amplify your value and plan a better path. 

  3. Brief 1-3 sentence description: 

  4. Author Akasha Lin Garnier Presents Secrets to Shine through the Noise, A compelling journey from starving artist to mentorship, world travel, award-winning, branding and a travel thriller series. In this cinematic guide, the author shares how to create an actionable plan and how to make a brand distinctive to rise above the noise. 

Six Learnings Readers Will Take From Your Book (What Will They Get Out Of It?) 

1) Use creative and business strengths to live a life on purpose, determining outcomes in advance.

2) Learn why many people end up at destinations they didn’t consciously choose and wither with regret.

3) Understand how to reroute this outcome by developing a written life plan that articulates what they want in each of the major life domains.

4) Define, refine or amplify their personal and/or business brand to shine through the noise.

5) Celebrate small successes along the way to rejuvenate the journey.

6) Color themselves intrigued with inspirational coloring pages based on travel photos from Akasha’s stories and upcoming thriller series.



Amuse-bouche Praise for Secrets To Shine Through The Noise: 

“This is the REAL DEAL. No one will believe what actually happened - but it makes for a great story and journey!” J. Silva, champion pro surfer and paddle boarder; A-list tour guide



“One of the smartest, most creative people I have ever met. Akasha's got a great sense for storytelling, business, and bringing out the best in people. Incredible!!! (Exclaimed with a Sicilian accent)” Dario Vullo, Owner, award-winning Nando Milano Trattoria in Chicago and Champaign 



We all have our own noise, both internal and external within the industry. The sooner we can hear the noise and quiet it, the sooner we’ll be able to shine through that noise.

My own early noise came from working in temp jobs and film for free or low wages; I was what we’d call a starving artist in LA for several years. I was very fortunate that one of my managers at a temp job saw some great promise in me and my abilities and then became my mentor.

I then learned how to understand my creative and business strengths, the industry and the best ways to balance those strengths and present them professionally.

My wage and job offers went up as well as my job satisfaction and ability to do things besides just work to pay bills.

That mentor at American Express took me traveling on business and opened many intriguing doors. I’m grateful for that and go through lessons I’ve learned and can now share in the book Secrets to Shine through the Noise.

It’s practical but also inspiring from what my readers and tribe have shared.


I'm so grateful for the enthusiasm and comments! Gracias Alfonzo WordsGet more of the tribe vibe and read on




We held a social media survey and this was the winning coloring image from the top 3 that were chosen. I love how my film friends saw that it set up a scene. My sailing and foodie friends loved the bubbly being worked in aboard the gorgeous Princess M. (Special grazie to Princess M our Mac race sailing friends and our Nando Milano fam for the tasty FranciacortaVilla Crespia!)  


More news and pretty views soon!






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