7 Top Success Tips for Entrepreneurs

June 22, 2018



While we’re on the path as entrepreneurs, this means that we often blaze our own trail and find our own winds to set sail. No exact map will guide you from one step to the next: You’ll have to make it up as you go. Happy summer solstice! As we shift into the new season, it’s time to review and adjust our course.


1. Keep your big picture in sight.
Your big picture and vision will take you far. GPS certainly helps as we set off in the direction of our dreams. Every ship needs a course to follow before casting off. When things come up and change your course to success keeping the big picture in mind will enable you to get back on track.
Your big picture becomes your north star, your bright light that helps you navigate and orient yourself in the darkness.


2. Be ready to persevere.
Your big picture is “true north” and linked to your “why” of becoming an entrepreneur. You will definitely need to persevere to keep moving forward.
When things get challenging as an entrepreneur, it’s best to commit yourself to moving forward, regardless of the discomfort and fear surrounding the next steps. Your big picture is framed with perseverance and the spirit of “full steam ahead”. This is part of your accountability.


Are you in the right frame of mind to commit to your goal?
Do you want your goal enough?


3. Plan your course but be ready for conditions to change.
We all need a few sets of plans, even if each is only a few pages.
A business plan and marketing outline are key blueprints for success. These help you map out the major landmarks of the course ahead, define your success and break the journey into digestible pieces as you track your progress against.
We don’t always need to work with extremely detailed plans. We all need the flexibility to alter the course as necessary. Sometimes, changes to the initial plan will be necessary. When we’re sailing, we set and strike sails based on the conditions. We watch diligently as the winds change and just the sails again. Watch. Listen. Your intuition is key to changing course (being flexible) as the conditions change around you. I believe in this and have experienced it. I wrote my first about changing course successfully in Secrets to Shine Through the Noise.

We have all found new ways to #ShineThroughtheNoise. My readers asked me to do a sequel so that will be coming out soon!


4. Don’t reinvent the wheel.
What is already working in your industry? What works best for software applications and business operations that you can emulate instead of re-create? Don’t waste your time trying to set up systems when you can simply purchase and install one, saving precious time and money.


5. Pace yourself so you don’t burn out.
This isn’t just a stale piece of advice: Your health is literally the most important thing in your life. When your body gives out, you’re done. Your heart doesn’t care how good a business you have; your circulatory system isn’t all that impressed with your money or accomplishments. . . you get the point. Personally, I try to eat really good food, get good sleep and take as much time as I can manage day by day to laugh with my kids and see my wife.
You will burn out if you sacrifice your physical and mental health on the altar of your business. So, take care of yourself.


6. Celebrate success along the way!
We are all on the journey to achieving our goals. Celebrating both small and significant wins helps us stay inspired and know that our dreams are in the works.
We’re heading into summer in North America. Schedule at least an hour this week to celebrate your success, whether big or small! You deserve it!
Celebrating this win: Warmest congrats to our friend Tom and the Given to Live team. Time to celebrate this wish granted by Pearl Jam in London this week (from “The Long Road)!


 [Eddie Vedder, Pearl Jam front man talking about Tom's 160 miles walk and dedicating "Off he Goes" to Given to Live in London.]






Read more and donate to Given to Live.


7. Rinse and repeat tips 1-6. :) 



Thank you readers, Simonetta, tribe, and Pearl Jam (Eddie Vedder, Stone Gossard, Mike McMcready, Jeff Ament and Matt Cameron)!! Dear Eddie V., please see “pace yourself” and get better soon (even pros lose their voice sometimes). We’re so excited to see you at Wrigley in Chicago!


Thank you for reading.
Cheers & fair winds!
Akasha Lin
Author, Brand Expert, Filmmaker
[Photo by Akasha Lin, setting the first sail in the French Riviera]
Tips based on conversations with entrepreneurs, mentors and on personal experience.


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