Shining Through: #ShineThroughtheNoise sequel reveal

October 10, 2018


"To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all." ~Oscar Wilde



This week I share with you inspiration, excitement, synergy and authenticity. We've been talking about my #ShineThroughtheNoise sequel with readers, writers and friends from our tribe. I've incorporated feedback and addressed top comments. We celebrate progress and success and continue to encourage each other. Life is better and beautiful...but never flawless. We all have ebbs and flows, even if we do not share them as publicly as other moments we want to project in our posts.


I feel it's important to talk about disappointment as a natural state as we start on our path. We must let go of more expectations to be open to ideas and feedback to spark creativity and chances...and even to failing along the way. There is no perfect 10, no ideal answer that suits us all.


I explore the idea of: “Shining through" instead of just "shine on” (being real!).


By acknowledging more ups and downs and the fact that we are not always picture perfect we are being authentic.


This will help you:

> Make room for breakthrough. 

> Hear your voice intuition and inner guidance. 

> Know when you're on the right path when you see/feel alignment of people, ideas and opportunities. 


I am encouraged by the number of deeper connections I've been able to make with readers, followers, travelers, writers, entrepreneurs and friends. I am expanding ideas into a seminar as I write this and meeting with sponsors in October to find a good fit. 

I'm excited to share more of stories of journey and success (in the Shine 2 book and seminar) and for you to continue carving out your path!! I'm continuing my community partnership with Teen Cancer USA (TCA) for the Shine sequel and series. TCA has made great progress too. They partnered with Northwestern and Lurie's Children's Hospital in Chicago this summer.


I invite you to sign up for my email list for $150 in promo offers as part of the "Shine 2" sequel release when you purchase a book. I will continue to donate 15% of proceeds to Teen Cancer America.


Next week I'll start a giveaway with my college housemate, radio friend and professional painter, Jim Musil. We'll giveaway a $300 painting inspired by my Shine series that will be an inspiration wherever it may hang.  


Get your book now so you'll be ready to review Shine Through the Noise: #SparkCreativity to qualify for the giveaway which will run October 15 - November 2, 2018.  


Here's a look at the benefit concert with our Teen Cancer America community:

A remarkable list of actors, philanthropists, musicians, and athletes came out to show support for The Who’s Roger Daltrey on August 17 to benefit Teen Cancer America and UCLA Health at the Backyard Concert 2018. The private and sold-out event featured musical performances
from Teen Cancer America co-founder Roger Daltrey, Ed Sheeran, Van Morrison, Jewel and Don McLean; writer/director Judd Apatow was the MC for the evening’s festivities and joined Roger on “My Generation” (!). I took on an extra branding client to cover travel and a generous donation to Teen Cancer America at the backyard soiree.

(And it was one of the best nights of my life!) 

Read more on our visit with the Teen Cancer America community, Judd Apatow and plans in the works...






Keep reading about the inspiration and success stories...


I am sure you will spark your own creativity and success as well.

Grazie mille Ricoh, A-List and friends!!




Akasha Lin

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